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Chevrolet CC offers personalized solutions for any demand, 24/7 all over Europe (inside and outside the Community) and in North Africa.
As a result, the auto-utilitary park is composed of 40 vehicles with a lifespan of a maximum 36 months and various loading capacities. The vehicles are technically checked periodically, updated with state of the art traffic monitoring systems, or replaced, so as the provided shipping can be carried out in optimal parameters.


Mercedes sprinter prelata - transport rutier marfa in regim urgentMercedes Sprinter - transport marfa international
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Because we always want to achieve the highest levels of performance and since we want maximum quality of services, we implemented
and keep a quality management for the transport activity, ISO 9001: 2008 / SRAC.
In order to avoid unpleasant situations in case of accidents or damage, the merchandise is insured in accordance with the international CMR
convention with the amount of 100.000 € / truck, which can be increased depending on the carried merchandise.
So as to fully know the location of a truck while transporting goods, they are equipped with GPS and mobile telephone with roaming capabilities.
The technical and esthetical condition of our utility vehicles and trucks is flawless; our auto park is periodically refreshed, not having
vehicles older than 3 years. The motor service is performed only by agents agreed by the manufacturer, avoiding stops due to technical malfunctions.
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