>>    Partnerships and Coverage

Along with our partners we promptly support and facilitate the good presence and the level of efficiency sustained by our logistics department regarding the activity planning.
Our international partnerships give us the flexibility and multiple opportunities to provide modern and specialized services for our clients, for every request and need in individual transportation.
Our team’s knowledge and know-how in international transport (truck lines, and emergency transport), professionalism, and our staff’s client oriented thinking, the efficient administration and precise and responsible assigning of the company’s resources, assures you that Chevrolet CC will come forward and solve the most challenging and various needs in transportation.

Parteneriate si acoperire Chevrolet CC - Transport urgent marfa

  >>    Our team’s priorities:

Keeping dead-lines


Through meticulosity, dedication, engagement capacity, and mobility proven all along the company’s existence, Chevrolet CC won the trust of some important companies, at a national and international level, from capital activity sectors, and naturally created and developed solid partnerships that mirror through our activity along with and / or our partners and company contributors.


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